Autocad Drawings

Producing 2- Dimensional drawings (or 3-D) utilizing AUTOCAD and LINUXCAD software. Projects include a logical approach for updating the drawings minimizing other computer operator's time. My experitice is mechanical & piping design and are expanded to Electrical, Structural steel Detailing, Light gauge metal framing, Hydraulics and Civil. All Drawings are available in Metric and Imperial to suit customer's preference. Also available in limited Technical French.


Full scale plotting of drawings up to 24" (610mm) wide. Industry standard of "A1" metric and "D"(24"x36") size drawings. This is available in both monochrome and 256 colour. Normal plotting will be on translucent paper for your copying.

Spread Sheets

Bill of material and Material take off may be produced using the latest software (Linux Fedora 17 & Windows) for your staff to input additional criteria to suit your business such as cost, delivery and schedules.

Related Services

Digitizing hand drawn sketches and older drawings into electronic format.